Nanophotonic Research Instrumentation

20/30 PV for Nanophotonic Research

Microspectrophotometers can be used for nanophotonic research.

Nanophotonic Research deals with phenomena in the ultraviolet, visible and near IR region with wavelengths from approximately 300 to 1200 nm.  Nanophotonic research deals with studying the properties of light at these scales as well as developing tools and technologies to take advantage of these phenomena.  This includes optical bandgap crystals, colloidal metals and more.  

CRAIC Technologies offers a number of solutions for nanophotonics research.  These include spectrophotometers for microscale analysis, such as the 20/30 PV™,  as well as advanced UV-visible-NIR microscopes for imaging nanophotonics samples.

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UVM-1™ UV-visible-NIR Microscope

20/30 PV™ Microspectrophotometer

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