Near Infrared Microscopy

Near Infrared microscopy

Near Infrared Microscopy is microscopy for imaging in the near infrared region. 

Near infrared microscopes are designed to "see" beyond what a standard optical microscope can image.  With special NIR optics, light sources and cameras, near infrared microscopy is for imaging microscopic samples in the visible and the Near infrared region.  This means that near infrared microscopes have features that make them superior to normal visible range microscopes:

  • Some materials are transparent in the Near Infrared while being opaque in the visible region
  • Enhanced contrast of certain materials in the Near Infrared region. 

For example, silicon is opaque under normal light but is transparent in the NIR region.  The interiors of silicon based devices can therefore be inspected without having to disassemble them.    

CRAIC Technologies offers a number of solutions for the near infrared microscope.  These custom designed microscopes capable of imaging from the visible region all the way into the near infrared.  They are capable of microscopy in transmission, reflectance and even fluorescence.

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