Nanotechnology Research Instrumentation

Nanotechnology development with a microspectrophotometer

Microspectrophotometers are used to analyze nanotechnology materials by reflectance, absorbance and fluorescence


Film thickness with a microspectrophotometer

Film thickness measurements of nanomaterials



Nanotechnology is the control of matter on the atomic or molecular scale.  It has many different applications including research and development of nanomaterials and biomaterials.  Nanomaterials have unique properties some of which that are determined by instrinsic nanoscale features.  Biomaterials are naturally occuring materials or those derived from biological processes.  Again, they have unique properties arising from features that occur on the micro or nano-scale.   

Due to the microscopic scales of the materials to be analyzed, microspectrophotometers are the perfect tool.  Able to analyze micro-scale samples by absorbance, reflectance or even fluorescence, these tools are easy-to-use and very accurate. 

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