HyperSpectral Surface Mapping

Map the spectral response across a sample surface with high definition

Spectral Surface Mapping


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CRAIC Technologies™ Spectral Surface Mapping™ technology allows you to obtain highly detailed maps of the spectral response of objects on the microscopic scale.  Featuring sub-micron spatial resolution, maps can be generated with thousands of points of the UV-visible-NIR transmission, absorbance, reflectance, polarization, fluorescence and emission spectral response.  Spectral Surface Mapping™ of even the Raman spectral variation across a sample may be obtained. 

Running under Windows 7™, Spectral Surface Mapping™, also called S2M™, is a feature available for any of the Perfect Vision™ and Apollo™ series of microspectrometers.  S2M™ both moves the sample and controls the microspectrometer to obtain spectra from a surface.  This data is then displayed in a 3D map with the X and Y axes representing the surface of the sample and the Y axis a wavelength of the type of data to be mapped.  As shown above, the transmission spectral response at 550 nm of an LCD panel is mapped with a spatial detail with hundreds of points.


Key Features*
  • Mapping the spectral response across a surface
  • Spectral response throughout the UV-visible-NIR range may be displayed
  • Absorbance, transmission and reflectance spectral responses may be mapped
  • Fluorescence, luminescence and emission spectral responses may be mapped
  • Raman and polarization spectral responses may be mapped
  • High spatial resolution - step sizes on the microscopic scale
  • Thousands of data points per sample may be mapped for high definition maps
  • User developed mapping patterns for use with any sample
  • Spectral Surface Mapping™ is offered for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • S2M™ runs under Windows 7®
  • From the experts in microspectroscopy

What It Is

3D Spectral Analysis of Microscopic Samples

Spectral Surface Mapping™ (S2M™) gives new capabilities to the Perfect Vision™ microspectrophotometer line.  S2M™ gives CRAIC microspectrometer users the ability to map the spectral variation of surfaces of their samples with microscopic spatial resolution.  Surface profiles can be created using UV-visible-NIR transmission, absorbance, emission, fluorescence and polarization microspectral data.  S2M™ can even create maps from Raman microspectral data from the CRAIC Apollo™ Raman microspectrometer.  CRAIC microspectrometers can now created highly detailed spectral maps with micron scale resolution rapidly and automatically. Spectral surface map of LCD at 675 nm

Hardware and Software

Complete Instrument Control

Spectral Surface Mapping™ includes a software module to be used with CRAIC Technologies Lambdafire™ microspectrometer control software.  When employed with CRAIC Technologies microspectrometers with programmable stages, S2M™ allows a user to automatically take spectral measurements with user-defined mapping patterns that reach to the limits of the stage itself.  With the ability to measure up to a million points, high definition maps of the spectral response of the surface of a sample may be generated.  And because of the flexibility and power of the software, the maps may be from transmission, absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence, emission and even polarization data.  Raman spectral responses may even be collected and mapped when used with CRAIC Technologies Apollo™ Raman microspectrometers. S2M gives the 20/20 PV spectral mapping capabilities


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