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Microscope Spectrometry is the measurement of UV-vsibile-NIR spectra of microscopic samples.

Microscope Spectrometry uses instruments designed to measure UV-visible-NIR spectra of microscopic samples or microscopic areas of larger objects.  There are two basic types: the fully integrated microspectrometer (as shown) that has been built and optimized for microspectrometry.  There is also the spectrometer unit designed to attach to an open photoport of an optical microscope.   Each has its strengths and depending upon the configuration, both are capable of measuring the spectra of microscopic samples by transmission, absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence, emission and polarization spectrometry.   With special software, both are capable of 3D surface mapping measurements and colorimetry as well.

A CRAIC Technologies™ microscope spectrometer is a purpose-built system that allows UV-visible-NIR range micro spectrometry both non-destructively and with no sample contact.  Capable of analyzing even sub-micron areas, they are also capable of high resolution digital imaging.  Designed for ease-of-use, they are durable instruments designed for microscale spectroscopy.



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