The Science

Discover the science, applications and instrument design behind the CRAIC Technologies innovations.

CRAIC Technologies™ employs the latest in science and technology to produce the instruments you need for your work.  This is the portal that discusses the science, applications and instrument design of all of the CRAIC Technologies innovations.  In it, we discuss UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy, UV-visible-NIR microscopy, microscope photometry and Raman microspectroscopy.  All of these solutions, and the science behind them, have applications in fields ranging from semiconductors, flat panel displays, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics and even forensics. 

We invite you to DISCOVER our revolutionary technologies that include a range of microspectrophotometer, microscope spectrometer, UV microscope, NIR microscope, Raman microspectrometer, Traceable Standards, microscope spectrometer accessories and microscope spectrophotometer software solutions. We further invite you to experience our exceptional service and technical support.

The lit microscope base, the lit square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal optical heads are trademarks of CRAIC Technologies, Inc. CRAIC Technologies, Lambdafire, CoalPro, QDI ColorPro, QDI FilmPro, ImageUV, rIQ and Microspectra are all trademarks of CRAIC Technologies, Inc.

UV-visible-NIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR microspectrometers and Raman microspectrometers are general purpose laboratory instruments. They have not been cleared or approved by the European IVD Directive, the United States Food and Drug Administration or any other agency for diagnostic, clinical or other medical use.