Lambdafire Spectroscopy Software

Sophisticated software for microspectrophotometer control as well as spectral and image analysis

Lambdafire Microspectrometer Software


Lambdafire™ spectral analysis software empowers users of CRAIC Technologies™ microspectrophotometers with instrument control, microspectra™ acquisition and sophisticated spectral and image analysis functions.


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CRAIC Technologies™ Lambdafire™ spectral analysis software empowers users of CRAIC Technology's microspectrophotometers with instrument control, microspectra™ acquisition and sophisticated spectral as well as image analysis functions

Running under Windows 10 as a native 64-bit program, Lambdafire™ gives you full control of CRAIC microspectrophotometers as well as the ability to acquire high quality spectra of microscopic samples by absorbance, reflectance or fluorescence and then to analyze those microspectra™ and images.  Designed for the production environment as well as the laboratory, it incorporates many types of sophisticated tools for analyzing spectra. Featuring a custom designed GUI, Lambdafire™ also offers full manual or automated instrument control.


Key Features*
  • Microspectrophotometer Control and Data Analysis in one easy-to-use package
  • Microspectrophotometer automation control and programming
  • Data analysis features included with instrument control
  • Imaging control and analysis
  • Perfect for research as well as production with many features specific to both
  • Many plug-in modules available such as Spectral Surface Mapping™, thin-film thickness, colorimetry and more
  • Lambdafire™ is a native 64-bit application
  • Runs under Windows 10®
  • Easy to use
  • From the experts in microspectroscopy

Microspectrometer Control

Complete instrument control

Lambdafire™ is software for complete control of your CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometer.  Designed to be modular, the software offers many different features for instrument control.  This includes operation of both manual or fully automated microspectrophotometers, imaging and much more. 

Lambdafire™ also features automatic calibration checking with CRAIC Technologies NIST traceable microspectrometer standards.

Lambdafire Microspectrometer Software

Spectral Analysis

Sophisticated Spectral Analysis

Lambdafire™ software is designed to be modular and therefore can be configured with whatever spectral data analysis features you need including advanced statistical analysis.  Sophisticated modules offer additional features such as thin film thickness measurements, Spectral Surface Mapping™micro-colorimetry and more.  Report generation is also easily customizable and can even be cut and pasted into common word processing programs. OLED spectrum with microspectrometer

Image Analysis

Sophisticated Image Analysis

Lambdafire™ software is designed to control the imaging systems on your CRAIC microspectrometer.  In addition to targeting, Lambdafire™ can also be used to capture and analyze images from the high resolution cameras that are supplied with the CRAIC microspectrometers.  The data is saved in common image formats, including JPG and TIF, for easy use in common word processing programs. Fluorescent textile fiber


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