Software to measure the film thickness values of thin films by reflectance or transmittance

CRAIC Technologies Film Thickness Solutions
Sophisticated software for measuring small spot thin film thickness both in transmission and reflectance.
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CRAIC Technologies™ has developed CRAIC Filmpro™ software for you to use with CRAIC instruments. When added to a CRAIC microspectrometer, CRAIC FilmPro™ is able to MEASURE the film thickness values of thin films by reflectance or transmittance. You can do this over microscopic areas the micron scale and with many different substrates. This allows you to ANALYZE not only thin films on substrates such as silicon, but also thin films on glass or quartz commonly found in flat panel displays. You will find the software very easy to use and reports can be printed and saved of any calculations. Additionally, automation packages can be added yielding the ability to automatically monitor film thickness variations over the surface of the sample.

CRAIC FilmPro™ is designed to control your CRAIC Technologies microspectrometer and allow you to acquire data and determine the thickness of thin films of microscopic areas in both transmission and reflectance.

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