Microfluidic Device Analysis

Microplate analysis with a microspectrophotometer

Microspectrophotometers are used for microplate analysis by reflectance, absorbance and fluorescence






UV-visible-NIR microscopy and microspectroscopy for analysis of any microplate test point..

Microfluidic devices, sometimes called lab-on-a-chip devices, are designed to replicate a series of full-scale chemical and biological reactions on a single micro-scale device.  They are sometimes called microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for their fluid handling capabilities on the microscopic scale. As such, a single device is used replicate a series of chemical reactions but on a microscopic scale.  Therefore analytical techniques are required that can measure whether reactions have reached a successful conclusion but of micro-scale volumes.

.  Able to analyze micro-scale volumes by absorbance, reflectance or even fluorescence, microspectrophotometers are easy-to-use and very accurate.  Their flexibility and accuracy make them very important when developing or using custom microfluidic devices. 

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