Discover the application that micro raman spectrometers have due to their ability to identify microscopic samples non-destructively.

Raman spectroscopy is used to identify different molecules and even functional groups within larger molecules. The bonds formed between atoms have specific vibrational frequencies that correspond to the atom's masses and the strength of the bond between them. Complex molecules therefore exhibit many peaks and can be readily identified by the pattern or "fingerprint" created by those peaks. As such, there are many uses for micro Raman spectrometers as they can non-destructively identify microscopic samples or microscopic areas of larger samples.


Drug Discovery
Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Identification
Contaminant Identification
Microfluidic Device Development

Materials Science

Carbon Nanotubes
Diamond Films


Drugs of Abuse
Polymers / Plastics
Paint chips


Contaminant Identification
Silicon Strain
Silicon Crystal State
Thin Film Quality Control
Materials Research
OLED Development
Diamond-like Films


Gemstone Identification
Petroleum Analysis
Geological Research


Pigment Identification on Paintings
Dye Identification on Textiles

And more...

Development of Pigments
Development of Dyes
Polymer Quality Control

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