CRAIC Technologies Solutions

The Challenge The Solution The Paper
Rapid and accurate metrology of OLED displays for color and intensity

Microspectral analysis of the displays and their components

OLED Inspection Systems
Locating protein crystals after formation in solution A UV microscope equipped to selectively image the protein crystals Protein Crystal Micro-Imaging
Determination of protein crystal purity while still in solution A UV microspectrophotometer to locate and spectroscopically identify and analyze the purity of the crystals Protein Crystal Identification
Measure vitrinite reflectance in coal per ISO 7404 and ASTM D2798 standard methods A microspectrophotometer with appropriate software, standards and microscope Vitrinite Coal Measurement System
Characterization of surface plasmon resonance on the microscopic scale A UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer with high magnification Surface Plasmon Resonance
Rapid and accurate metrology of liquid crystal displays for color and intensity

Microspectral analysis of the LCD displays and their components

LCD Quality Control
Rapid and non-destructive internal inspection of bonded silicon devices

NIR microscopy at various wavelengths to find voids, cracks, and more.

Bonded Wafer Inspection