Lightswitch by CRAIC™ Optical Multiplexer

Seamlessly and easily add capabilities to a microscope or microspectrophotometer with this optical multiplexer

Optical Multiplexer Lightswitch by CRAIC™

Optical multiplexer to add imaging and spectroscopy to microscopes and microspectrometers.
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UV-visible-NIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR microspectrometers and Raman microspectrometers are general purpose laboratory instruments. They have not been cleared or approved by the European IVD Directive, the United States Food and Drug Administration or any other agency for diagnostic, clinical or other medical use.  FLEX™, the lit blue base and lit hexagonal optical head are all trademarks of CRAIC Technologies, Inc.

As CRAIC continually advances and improves its designs, specifications and components of Lightswitch by CRAIC™ as well as it attached instrumentation are subject to change without notice.

*Capabilities assume a properly configured microscope, microspectrophotometer and purchase of the appropriate attachment instrumentation and devices.

*Features and specifications depend upon instrument configuration.  Specifications subject to change without notice.