Universal C-Mount Adapter

Get a microscope C-mount Adapter™ to add a camera or spectrophotometer to a microscope

Universal C-mount Adapter™

C-mount for your microscope with 3 axes of movement: now your camera can be parfocal and parcentral with the eyepiece image.


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The Universal C-mount Adapter™ from CRAIC Technologies was designed for three things:

1. Fit to many microscope models and brands.

2. Adding any camera or spectrophotometer to a microscope photoport.

3. Allowing the camera image to be both parfocal and parcentral with the image from the microscope's eyepieces.

The Universal C-mount Adapter accomplishes all these tasks.  With a proprietary design, it is able to move in the X, Y and Z axes and to allow you easily make your camera image parfocal and parcentral with that of the eyepieces.

With flexible flange design, the Universal C-mount Adapter can be used with many different microscope models and brands.  Just tell us which model microscope that you are using.

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