The Challenge The Solution The Tool
Color analysis of flat panel display pixels

Microspectral analysis and mapping each color pixel on displays

Locating protein crystals after formation in solution A UV microscope equipped to selectively image protein crystals from salt crystals UVM-1™
Determination of protein crystal purity while still in solution A UV microspectrophotometer to identify and analyze the purity of protein crystals FLEX™
Measure vitrinite reflectance in coal per ISO 7404 and ASTM D2798 standard methods An imaging photometer to rapidly and accurately grade coal, coke and petroleum source rock GeoImage™
Characterization of surface plasmon resonance on the microscopic scale A UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer with high magnification 2030PV™
Trace evidence and questioned documents forensic analysis

A combined UV-visible-NIR and Raman microspectrometer

Upgrade your old microspectrometer

A self-contained spectrometer for your microscope