20/30 FPD™ Microspectrophotometer

20/20 FPD™ for Flat Panel Display Metrology





Custom built for quality control of displays and lighting with microscopic spatial resolution




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The 20/30 FPD™ microspectrometer is designed for both R&D and quality control of the smallest features of flat panel displays...even the latest microdisplays with their micron scale pixels.  Built to your specifications, this bespoke instrument incorporates the latest technological advances in optics, spectroscopy, automation and software to deliver the best performance for colorimetry, relative intensity comparisons, film thickness measurements and even contamination analysis.  All this in one easy-to-use device designed for non-destructive FPD analysis of micron sized features.  As such, the 20/30 FPD™ represents a giant leap forward in analytical tools for flat panel display development and metrology.

Individual pixels, especially with the latest microdisplays, are getting ever smaller.  Analysis of their color and light intensity requires a very sensitive instrument.  The 20/30 FPD™ is designed to measure on the micron scale and as such can not only analyze mura, but it can also compare the color and light intensity of individual pixels to one another.  In fact, the 20/30 FPD™ can measure such small areas that it can even map the color and intensity variation in a single pixel.  Combined with the ability to measure thin film thickness, contamination analysis capabilities, automation and touch screen control, the 20/30 FPD™ is the tool for analyzing the next generation of high resolution displays.

Raman microspectroscopy, high resolution UV microscopy and even NIR microscopy, for through silicon inspection, are also offered.

The 20/30 FPD™ microspectrophotometer is simple to use, the measurements are non-contact, non-destructive and the spectral data is unmatched.

The 20/30 FPD™ Microspectrometer can take spectra and images from the deep ultraviolet to near infrared with one seamless operation. It can acquire microspectra and images in absorbance, reflectance, and emission from powered displays. The microspectrometer is offered with both the DirecVu™ to view samples by eye as well as with a high resolution color digital imaging system.

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