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Sophisticated software for CRAIC imaging system control and image analysis


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CRAIC Technologies™ has developed the ImageUV™ solution to allow users of its UV-visible-NIR range microscopes and microspectrophotometers to acquire and analyze images in the UV, color and NIR regions with a single, easy-to-use software package.  The solution combines hardware and software to enable you to control from several digital imaging systems with just one interface, each optimized for its spectral region. The software has numerous image analysis features as well as advanced camera control options to yield the very best UV, visible and NIR images from any CRAIC Technologies microscope or microspectrophotometer.

ImageUV™ is designed to be fully integrated with CRAIC Technologies PV microspectrophotometer and UVM microscope series and acts seamlessly to acquire images with CRAIC Technologies UV, visible and NIR imaging systems. It can be used for everything from contamination analysis to inspection of interior circuitry of bonded wafer devices. ImageUV™ is simple to use, very fast and results in very detailed images. It allows you to analyze individual wavelengths or broad regions.  The software also offers a number of sophisticated image analysis algorithms to enhance your work.

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