• 20/30 XL™ Microspectrometer

    Microspectroscopy of large samples.

20/30 XL™ Microspectrometer for Large Samples

Spectroscopy of microscopic areas on large samples

The 20/30 XL™ microspectrophotometer is designed to  acquire spectra, images, and film thickness measurements of microscopic features of large scale samples.  "XL" stands for "extra large" and these are the types of samples for which this instrument was built.  Built to meet your needs, the 20/30 XL™ incorporates the latest technological advances in optics, electronics, spectroscopy and software to deliver the superior performance with unparalleled speed and capabilities. The ease-of-use for which CRAIC instruments are known has even been improved, making this instrument the cutting edge of UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy.

2030 XL MicrospectrophotometerThe 20/30 XL™ microspectrophotometer allows you to measure UV-visible-NIR range transmission, absorbance, reflectance, emission and photoluminescent microspectra™ of features smaller than a micron across.  Yet, depending upon the instrument configuration, the size of the sample can essentially be unlimited.  Now you can map color variations within pixels of the biggest flat panel displays, measure film thickness of 300 mm wafers with ease or measure the fluorescence of the largest artworks.

Raman microspectroscopy, high resolution UV microscopy and even NIR microscopy are also offered.

The 20/30 XL™ microspectrophotometer is simple to use, the measurements are non-destructive and the spectral data is unmatched.

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The 20/30 XL™ Microspectrometer can take spectra and images of microscopic samples from the deep ultraviolet to near infrared with one seamless operation. It can acquire microspectra™ and images in absorbance, reflectance, and fluorescence. The microspectrometer is offered with both the DirecVu™ to view samples by eye as well as with a high resolution UV-visible-NIR digital imaging system.
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