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Certification of Traceable Microspectrometer Standards is valid for two years. Beyond that period, the Traceable Microspectrometer Standards must be recertified in order to maintain their traceability status. This service requires that the Standards be returned to CRAIC. At CRAIC, the Standards will be inspected for damage, cleaned, and then recertified using a dedicated microspectrometer and NIST Standard Reference Materials as part of the process. The Microspectrometer Standards are then returned with new software and a new calibration certificate. Our key capabilities are:

Rapid Response Times

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Statistical Analysis

CRAIC performs statistical analysis on all Traceable Microspectrometer Standards that it certifies in order to maximize their effectiveness. CRAIC is the only company that performs this procedure for microspectrometer standards.

Record Storage

CRAIC stores all of its records of certification both electronically and with hard copies. Copies are always available for customer use.

Only source for qualified recertification of CRAIC Microspectrometer Standards

CRAIC recertifies Traceable Microspectrophotometer Standards and supplies them with the appropriate documentation. For a nominal charge, other manufacturers' standards can be replaced with CRAIC standards for more accurate calibration measurements.

All returned standards must be in good shape and have been properly certified in order to be recertified. Damaged standard materials must be replaced for a nominal fee.CRAIC has specialists who focus on making the most accurate microspectrophotometer standards possible.

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