CRAIC Technologies Launches LightBlades™ Spectrometers: Redefining Spectral Measurement Performance and Precision for Microspectroscopy

[San Dimas, CA, March 5, 2024] - CRAIC Technologies, a leading innovator in spectroscopic instrumentation, proudly announces the release of Lightblades™ Spectrometers, a new generation of high-performance spectrometry solutions designed to set a new standard in spectral measurement accuracy, sensitivity, and versatility.

Designed specifically for microspectroscopy, Lightblades™ Spectrometers represent the latest advancement in spectroscopic technology, leveraging cutting-edge optics, detectors, and software to deliver unmatched performance across a wide range of applications in research, industry, and academia. Whether analyzing complex materials, monitoring chemical processes, or characterizing microscopic samples, Lightblades™ Spectrometers empower users with precise spectral data and actionable insights.

Key features of Lightblades™ Spectrometers include:

- High-Resolution Optics: Equipped with state-of-the-art optics, Lightblades™ Spectrometers offer exceptional spectral resolution, enabling users to resolve fine spectral features with unprecedented clarity and precision.

- Wide Spectral Range: Covering UV, visible, and NIR spectral regions, Lightblades™ Spectrometers accommodate diverse application needs, from molecular spectroscopy to materials analysis.

- Enhanced Sensitivity: Advanced detectors and signal processing algorithms ensure high sensitivity and low noise, allowing users to detect weak spectral signals with confidence.

- User-Friendly Software: LambdaFire™ is an intuitive software interface designed to operate Lightblades™ Spectrometers. Featuring powerful analysis tools for streamlined data acquisition, processing, and visualization, enabling efficient workflow management and data interpretation.

- Modular Design: Flexible configurations and optional accessories enable CRAIC to customize Lightblades™ Spectrometers to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and versatility in any application.

"CRAIC Technologies is excited to introduce Lightblades™ Spectrometers, our latest innovation in spectroscopic instrumentation," said Dr. Paul Martin, President of CRAIC Technologies. "With their exceptional performance, versatility, and ease of use, Lightblades™ Spectrometers empower researchers, engineers, and scientists to push the boundaries of spectral measurement and unlock new insights across a wide range of disciplines. We believe Lightblades™ Spectrometers will play a pivotal role in driving scientific discovery and technological advancement in the years to come."

Lightblades™ Spectrometers are now featured in CRAIC Technologies microspectrometer systems, offering researchers and industry professionals a powerful tool for spectral analysis and characterization. To learn more about Lightblades™ Spectrometers and explore their capabilities, visit

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