Petrography is the detailed examination of rocks including the analysis of fluid inclusions.

Petrography is the detailed study of rocks, most commonly on the microscopic scale.  Such studies can include simple imaging, measuring the luminous intensity with a microscope photometer, or the transmission, reflectance and even fluorescence spectra with a microscope spectrophotometer.  Some of the most common applications are fluorescence microspectroscopy of fluid inclusion, vitrinite reflectance of coal and kerogens as well as the spectral analysis of gemstones and minerals.

CRAIC Technologies offers a number of petrographic solutions.  These include purpose built systems such as the CRAIC CoalPro™ Vitrinite Reflection Measurement System to the 508 Coal™ and 20/30 PV™ for advanced microscopic imaging and spectral analysis of petrographic samples.

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