Vitrinite reflectance and point counting of coal, coke and petroleum source rock  accurately and quickly.


GeoImage™ uses a camera to quickly and accurately measure the reflectance of vitrinite macerals.  GeoImage™ is designed for the organic petrographic analysis using Standard Test Methodologies ISO 7404-5 and ASTM D2798. 

GeoImage™ works by reading the vitrinite reflectance intensity from each pixel of a calibrated camera.  This means that, in the standard configuration, millions of  points can be measured at one time...making vitrinite reflectance testing quick, easy and accurate.  GeoImage™ can be configured to measure the reflectance from coals, kerogens and petroleum source rock as well as a host of other materials.  And with it's flexible design, the GeoImage™ is offered wth point counting capabilities, automation of the test procedure and high resolution color imaging. With no moving parts, GeoImage™ is durable and user friendly. Designed with flexibility and speed in mind, the GeoImage™ vitrinite reflectance measurement system will easily comply with future changes in coal testing methods and your own experiments.



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